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Hello!  I am Massachusetts born and bred, where I live with my husband. I enjoy reading, watching tv (especially Boston sports) and have a Masters in Business Administration. I help clients with bookkeeping and financials. Since this requires a lot of time in front of a computer and behind a desk, I realized I needed to do something to stay active and make a commitment to my health. I was diagnosed as a child with Turner’s Syndrome and in my teens, my endocrinologist diagnosed Hashimoto’s disease (which is in short, an underactive thyroid, or Hypothyroidism). Basically, to manage this, I take a thyroid hormone replacement medicine, Synthroid, and get my levels checked every year. The Turner’s syndrome is more of an emotional journey. I live my life naturally and normally, it’s just looking at myself as a woman who does not have the natural secondary sex characteristics that most women are born with, that allow them to have normal reproductive development. As I get on in years, my low estrogen and higher chance for brittle bones and osteoporosis have told me to focus on keeping my bones strong with strength training.   So in 2010, I started on a journey to help others as well, stay on track to a healthy lifestyle for years to come! Through Nutrition Solutions, Fitness Solutions,  or a Coaching Package that incorporates all this for you, you can join me in making a difference in your life, or the life of someone you love.  My passion has grown to keep maintaining this lifestyle and create a good quality of life for the long term. I am also a certified group fitness instructor, and want to create fun fitness classes for people, which brings us together to take care of our health!

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